Examinations Extractions
Routine examinations £45 Extraction £65
New patient examination inc xrays £75 Surgical extraction £130
Emergency New Patient £75
X-rays £11
Scale and polish Crowns & Bridges
Hygienist scale & polish £38 Porcelain bonded crown £395
Dentist scale & polish £30 core and post £75
Extended scale & polish (30 mins) £56 Recement crown £45
Zirconia Crown £450
Bridge Unit £395
Zirconia Bridge Unit £495
Amalgam fillings (silver) Root canal Treatment
1 surface £60 Incisor £185
2 surfaces £70 Premolar £220
3 surfaces £80 Molar £340
Composite fillings (white) Dentures
1 surface £75 Part acrylic £395
2 surfaces £90 Full acrylic £495
3 surfaces £105 Full/Full acrylic £850
Part Cobalt Chrome £580
Full Cobalt Chrome £640
Whitening Cosmetic Braces
Home Whitening £350 Fast Braces from£875
Zoom Whitening £450 Inman Aligner £1750
Zoom whitening (therapist) £425 Clear Braces from£800
Botox Other
Forehead £85 Night bite guard £75
Frown Lines £115 Sport Mouth guard £75
Crows Feet £115 Retainers -
2 Areas £185 -Clear £75
3 Areas £245 -Clear re-inforced £125
-Bonded £150

Payment Policy

It is our Practice Policy to inform patients at the outset about the cost of their dental work. A written estimate is also provided. It is practice policy to collect payments for the treatment received at each visit. No further appointments can be made until payments are up to date. Payments may be by cash, cheque or credit card.

Options For Finance

Many patients prefer a fixed monthly payment plan to budget for regular affordable, preventative dental care, without the fare of costly and unexpected bills. We have chosen Denplan as the preferred dental maintenance scheme within the practice because of it’s quality assurance program which is supported by independent arbitration for the patient. Denplan provides extensive accident and insurance protection. They are also excellent for people who travel away from home as cover extends within and outside of the United Kingdom.